A fan, a lover, a writer. Words are my passion,
emotions are my currency-
I pluck out my heart
and torture sweet music
from its strings.



All I needed was a magic bean. They are not easy to come by. They are if you’ve got something of value to trade. And what was that? Why the J o l l y  R o g e r , of course.

Wednesday’s Words


Jilt (verb) To reject (a lover) suddenly and unfeelingly
He bought her a rose the day she kilted him.

Parsimonious (adjective) Cheap, someone who is stingy
She was parsimonious to the point where she never gave any of her food when she was full.

Ubiquitous (adjective) Always encountered
Once I hear a new word, it becomes ubiquitous.

Pendulous (adjective) Suspended; hanging down loosely
Pendulous fastenings were ironic in the fasteners part of the store.

Jaunty (adjective) Lively
Some say the medicine makes people jaunty for a few hours.

Pernicious (adjective) Harmful; injurious
It was pernicious to leave a toddler in the kitchen unattended.

Pratfall (noun) Humiliating situation or moment
The pratfall of wetting myself in the exam is what I wish to avoid.

Pervasive (adjective) Widespread (of a negative effect)
Stigma of disabled people is a pervasive issue most people ignore in society.

Stymie (verb) Obstacle in the way
I’d been stymied by the delayed train.

Petulant (adjective) Rude; childish (person)
They were petulant at the man’s dinner party.